Sustainable buildings can improve rental and resale values, improve tenant retention, reduce operational costs, and meet regulatory requirements.

This year’s conference will explore the value proposition of sustainable buildings and estates. It will examine sustainability as a mechanism for de-risking investment and different funding models for energy efficiency.

Why you should attend

  • Understand the value of sustainable buildings
  • Learn about green leases and other funding approaches
  • Find out what the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard means for you
  • Learn about the investment opportunities from sustainable cities

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When: 18 November 2015
Where: London


Dr Steven Fawkes

Dr Steven Fawkes

Ioannis Orfanos

Ioannis Orfanos

Jessica Pilz

Jessica Pilz

Andy Lewry

Andy Lewry


This one day conference aimed at the investor community and owner/occupiers will explore the value proposition of sustainable buildings in order to maintain resale value, raise rents, ensure quality tenants and reduce bills. Topics will include understanding the value of sustainability, the role of green leases, funding for sustainability, the investment opportunities from devolution and the role sustainable buildings have in regeneration.

Morning - The business case for investors

  • Keynote 
  • De-risking your investment - sustainability risk from a lender’s perspective
  • Sustainability as a strategy - Understanding and managing sustainability risks and realising the opportunities to protect and enhance the long term value of your assets
  • The value of sustainability: creating better buildings - How to make the business case for investment, based on operational and predictive modelling
  • An investor led approach to sustainability - The fund manager’s criteria for investment – does it include sustainability
  • Creating sustainable value in existing portfolios - Taking the long-term view of sustainability
  • Managing Agents partnership - Influencing and improving the sustainable management of UK commercial property

Afternoon - Delivering Sustainability

  • The Edge, Amsterdam - Case study of highest performing BREEAM office
  • Investing is hard to do - The complexity of investing in energy efficiency 
  • Policy and private investment incentivisation - Insights into the UK policy landscape and private finance incentivisation
  • Using on-build finance so your tenants pay for retrofit - How green deal can be applied to commercial properties
  • Green Bonds - The role of Green Bonds in investing in Green Buildings 


Sponsors & Supporters

Presentation Sponsor

Sustainable Commercial Solutions (SCS) is a niche, independent sustainability consultancy. We’re passionate about what we do, but equally recognise the commercial opportunity sustainability offers.

Our energy and environmental experts are not only specialists in sustainability and energy management, but also have a deep understanding of its application to commercial buildings and corporate organisations. 


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