Prof. Dr. Wulf Bauerfield

Keynote Address: Disruption in the real estate industry and the part that building automation and information technology will play.
Wulf Bauerfeld has a university degree in Physics, a doctoral degree in Information Technology, is professor of Building Automation and Information and a passionate pilot.

He has a sound background in various technical fields: computational sciences, technical communication, renewable energy technologies and applied automation. Before he joined Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Berlin (University of Applied Sciences) in 2011 he worked for Deutsche Telekom as an executive consultant and deputy director in national or pan-European projects. His reasoning covers as well socio-technical, economical and political aspects of Internet-based developments. In his younger days he had the chance to teach for 18 month at the University of Texas in Austin and conducted projects for UNIDO in Egypt and Tanzania.