PropTech… Who Wins?!

Disruption is real.

We only have to look outside of the commercial real estate sector to see the impact disruptive organisations such as Airbnb and Uber have had on their own sectors. These innovators have challenged the status quo and ultimately generated a permanent shift in how their sector does business. Now it’s the turn of the real estate sector to shake off its traditionally conservative shackles, and embrace the changing face of our industry – PropTech.

Since our last conference in Berlin in November 2016, we have seen the emerging force of PropTech disruption in both the commercial and residential real estate sectors. PropTech has the ability to truly disrupt the industry in the way FinTech has impacted the financial services sector, but it is in its infancy relative to these other industries. Whilst PropTech is gathering momentum and securing the funding required to enable entrepreneurs to make a significant impact on what sustainability in the commercial real estate industry looks like, it is disjointed in its application. With the Internet of Things and 3D modelling providing significant contribution to the development of smart buildings, it is becoming clear that tomorrow’s buildings form part of the exciting fabric of a more sustainable city, a city which provides smart solutions to key sustainability issues.

Thank you very much to WaynoVision for the fantastic cartoon. Check them out via the URL on the image.

As the leading conference for the sustainability in commercial real estate sector, it became clear that we should focus our 2018 event on PropTech and Disruption themes, as these topics impact sustainability significantly. In reality, no one can predict how their business will be working in the next 5 years, as our industry undergoes its biggest transformation ever. We will once again be joined by industry leaders on the 12th April 2018 in Berlin, to debate this significant change, and what you need to know to keep ahead of the curve.

A key addition to the 2018 programme is our partnership with leading PropTech Disrupters in the industry from both the UK and Germany. We will be hosting a roundtable discussion with a variety of Disrupters from across the sector, creating the opportunity for industry leaders and start-ups to come together and debate the future of our industry.

We will be announcing more of our Disrupter Partners over the next few weeks. For now, I’m delighted to formally welcome Vanti, who will be demonstrating how their smart building technology creates efficient use of space, as well as supporting wellbeing. I’m also pleased to welcome LOOP whose innovative product passport allows materials and products to be traced, valued and re-used. We are also excited to be working with LightFi, whose innovative technology is not only an energy saving device, but also provides users with valuable reporting data.

Watch out for more announcements over the next few months of other Disrupters who will be with us in Berlin. As you can see my own contribution is the AI potato peeler. OK I made that one up…or did I? You can find out by coming along on the 12th April.

Many thanks to 40 Percent Symposium Founder, John Pike, for providing this excellent post. For further details on our 2018 Symposium in Berlin in April, please view the agenda here, or register to attend.