Simplicity is the Key for a Sustainable Future

One simple way for us to achieve global emission reduction is to reduce our energy use. We don’t need to change our lifestyle, but rather use technology to help us waste less energy, for example by turning things off when they are not needed.

You’re probably thinking this should be easy. Unfortunately, we often forget to do this, especially at work, where it isn’t clear whose responsibility it is, or if we’re even allowed. Neither do current solutions provide much of an incentive. The price and effort in making your home or office smart and more energy efficient doesn’t justify the savings. In the commercial sector only 1% of a typical company’s expenses are energy costs so energy efficiency is not a priority. Today’s solutions are costly and time consuming to implement, usually needing a complete re-fit of the office, and don’t offer much more than energy saving.

Firstly, energy efficiency needs to be easy. With LightFi’s technology we have a true retrofit to create and IoT enabled building automation solution. Our automation system is controlling the lights in a lecture theatre used by hundreds of people every week at a world famous university. Their problem was that lights in the lecture theatres would be often left on overnight wasting energy. There wasn’t a business case to spend 10s of thousands of pounds on re-fitting the lecture theatre with motion sensors, so they were looking for novel ideas to implement that would suit the complexities of the real world – where existing infrastructure is far from ideal. Our system was installed in 1 hour, cost 1/10th of the price, and is saving them 57% on the lighting bill right now. This is giving our client a < 2 year return on investment. LightFi is a true retrofit, a system that works as an add-on to existing infrastructure, and doesn’t require any re-wiring.

What’s more is that it doesn’t just save energy. We use a unique way of detecting room occupancy that embraces our modern lifestyle – the fact that we are never without our phones. This way one of our sensors can determine how many people are in a room 250 sqm or bigger without breaking a sweat. We can anonymously determine the number of people in the room and begin to control and automate more than just lights. Our newest product can optimise the HVAC, especially the ventilation – able to tell the system to provide the right amount of quality air for the number of people in the room. Having a poorly ventilated room can reduce a persons cognitive ability by half, but by knowing how many people there are in real time, we make sure that this never happens.

Being energy efficiency is no longer difficult, costly or time consuming. It’s easy with LightFi – and offers insight into what’s really needed and where.

Many thanks to LightFi for providing this interesting post. LightFi will be joining us at our Symposium on the 12th April 2018. For further details, please view the agenda here, or register to attend.